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Advantage Chiropractic Centers Reviews

Dr. Arbuckle,

Thank you for such successful treatments that completely stopped twenty years of continual head pain and thirty seven years of constant chest pain.

While killing time at the mall my mother volunteered us for a free evaluation at your kiosk. I admit to rolling my eyes at the time, but never considered how your knowledge of chiropractic would help diminish the constant daily pain that I accepted as regular life. Twenty years ago my head was forcefully shoved into a plaster wall during a domestic violence incident. If I accidentally slept on my left side, the next day consisted of continual dizzy spells. Thirty seven years ago, I thought I had the common, ordinary flu. Recovery was normal with the exception of chest pain. After the flu I continually had chest pain as if someone punched me with all their energy in the middle of my chest. After each incident and its accompanying pain, I made appointments with traditional doctors. “No physical evidence…it’s in your head…live with it” were the pat responses given by them and begrudgingly accepted me.

Just as the poster in your entrance proclaims, “You don’t have to live with pain.” I don’t have any pain! Honestly, every day without pain is a wonderful blessing directly from you. I never thought that after thirty seven years of “dealing with it” that my daily pain would completely disappear! It disappeared due to your knowledge of and ability to correct my alignment. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Dr. Arbuckle!!

Living pain-free,
M. Covert

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